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Contracting PLUS Proudly Sponsoring the First NRF Breakfast Briefing of 2017

Lots of "Oooohs" and "Ahhhs" echoed throughout the room as Social Selling Sensei Johnny Campbell unleashed the latest tips and tricks of the digital recruitment scene! In the first NRF breakfast briefing of 2017, Johnny Campbell, founder and CEO of Social Talent, enthused and energised a rather damp audience this morning with an awesome presentation on what it takes to drive recruiter performance in the digital realm. 

By leveraging smart research tools such as Facebooks Intelligent Search Tool and LinkedIn Boolean Tools, recruiters can significantly augment and enhance their search process. Once identified, potential clients can be converted using a combination of clever prospecting and a synergistic integration of multiple contact points, to engage and hopefully convert. Harnessing social and mutual connections will serve to further verify authenticity. Embrace Social Selling and build not only an online profile but an online pipeline. Don't get disheartened as it will take time, as Johnny mentioned be persistent and fully understand your clients' pain point and pitch a solution rather than a candidate. The path to becoming a Black Belt in Social Selling is paved with acronyms and a myriad of digital platforms, but you can be part of the Business Development evolution by simply augmenting your approach and focus on your digital persona.

The Ninjas at Social Talent offer a library of free resources for Recruiters, to help with searching, prospecting and engaging. Thanks to all at Social Talent for a really informative briefing this morning and to the NRF for organising! Looking forward to the next Contracting PLUS sponsored NRF Breakfast Briefing!

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